NGC 1023

Alt. Designations: ARP 135
Object Type: elliptic galaxy
Constellation: Perseus
Distance: 32 mly
Right Ascension: 02h 40m 24.1s
Declination: +39° 03´ 48"
Visual Magnitude: 9.5
Apparent Dimension: 7.4´ X 2.5´
Best Month To View: Nov

NGC1023 is a member of a group of galaxies in Perseus that also contains NGC891. It lies about 32 million light years away from earth. The galaxy is a type SB0 (or barred spiral with little evidence of spiral arms) and Hubble and ground based observations of star distributions have suggested that this galaxy contains a central black hole with a mass of around 40-60 million suns. This galaxy has also been found to have a massive halo of dwarf galaxies.