NGC 1161

Alt. Designations: NGC 1161
Object Type: spiral galaxy
Constellation: Perseus
Distance: 27.4 mly
Right Ascension: 03h 01m 14.1s
Declination: +44° 53´ 51"
Visual Magnitude: 11.1
Apparent Dimension: 2.8´ X 2.0´
Best Month To View: Nov

Each of these galaxies have different red shifts which means that they are probably not very close and just lie along the same line of sight. Spiral galaxy NGC 1160 has several short patchy arms. Lenticular Galaxy NGC 1161 has a bright nucleus with a spectrum showing hydrogen emission lines. Most astronomers believe that this sort of Active Galactic Nucleus is caused by gas or stars spiraling into a massive black hole with a mass of many millions of suns.