NGC 2327

Alt. Designations: NGC 2327
Object Type: emission nebula
Constellation: Canis Major
Distance: 1.8 kly
Right Ascension: 07h 04m 07.2s
Declination: -11° 18´ 51"
Visual Magnitude:
Apparent Dimension: 1.0´ X 1.0´
Best Month To View: Dec

NGC 2327, also known as the Seagull or Eagle Nebula, is a large 120 x 40 arc minute area of emission nebulosity located on the border between Monoceros and Canis Major. The catalogue number NGC 2327 designates only the head of the bird, the brightest portion of the nebula complex. It surrounds an 8th magnitude star and also includes some blue reflection nebulosity. A dark nebula's lane protrudes into NGC 2327 from the eastern side towards the star. The area of the wings is designated as IC 2177. Several open star clusters are also involved in this area of nebulosity, the most prominent being NGC 2335, located on the northern "wing" of the Seagull figure.