NGC 2537

Alt. Designations: NGC 2537, ARP 6
Object Type: barred spiral galaxy
Constellation: Lynx
Distance: 22.5 mly
Right Ascension: 08h 13m 14.4s
Declination: +45° 59´ 29"
Visual Magnitude: 11.7
Apparent Dimension: 1.7´ X 1.5´
Best Month To View: Jan

NGC 2537 is a blue compact dwarf galaxy in the constellation Lynx. This is also known as Bear's Paw Galaxy, Arp 6, and Mrk 86. It belongs to the iE class of Blue Compact Dwarf (BCD) classification, which is described as galactic spectra with an underlying smooth elliptical Low Surface Brightness component with a superimposed "knotted" star formation component.