NGC 2549

Alt. Designations: NGC 2549
Object Type: spiral galaxy
Constellation: Lynx
Distance: 41.07 mly
Right Ascension: 08h 18m 58.3s
Declination: +57° 48´ 11"
Visual Magnitude: 11.2
Apparent Dimension: 3.8´ X 1.2´
Best Month To View: Jan

NGC 2549 is an example of a lenticular galaxy, seen nearly edge-on. Lenticular galaxies are disk galaxies without visible spiral structure, and get their name because they often resemble a lens seen edge-on. In the Hubble classification, they are regarded as an intermediate between spiral and elliptical galaxies. Three structural components frequently seen in galaxies are pronounced in this image: a bright central disk, a bright central envelope, and a faint extended envelope. Several smaller galaxies can be seen in this image; such companion galaxies are common around large galaxies.