NGC 4490

Alt. Designations: ARP 269
Object Type: barred spiral galaxy
Constellation: Canes Venatici
Distance: 45 mly
Right Ascension: 12h 30m 36.1s
Declination: +41° 38´ 34"
Visual Magnitude: 9.5
Apparent Dimension: 6.4´ X 3.2´
Best Month To View: Apr

This pair of galaxies often goes by the nickname of the "Cocoon Galaxy." Each "blob" is actually a spiral galaxy that has been distorted by the other. Hints of spiral structure are still evident in the smaller galaxy. These galaxies have already passed their closest approach (perigalacticon) and are now speeding away from each other. A tail of stars stretches between the galaxies which are separated by at least 24,000 light years. All of this action takes place 40-50 million light years away. These interacting galaxies make a good real-world example for astronomers to compare computer models (simulations) of galactic collisions. Note the incredible number of starforming regions that have developed along facing sides of each galaxy.