NGC 474  &  NGC 470

Alt. Designations: NGC 474 & NGC 470
Object Type: spiral galaxy
Constellation: Pisces
Distance: 100 mly
Right Ascension: 01h 20m 06.7s
Declination: +03° 24´ 58"
Visual Magnitude: 11.3
Apparent Dimension: 7.1´ X 6.3´
Best Month To View: Oct

NGC 474 is the huge elliptical galaxy with the numerous tidal tails. NGC 470 is the spiral galaxy next to it, located at the same distance (~100 million light years). NGC 467 to the lower right is also caught in an ongoing multiple-merger process, and has a distance of about 250 million light years. Hence, this system is intrinsically as big or even bigger than NGC 474.