NGC 6820 & NGC 6823

Alt. Designations: NGC 6820, NGC 6823
Object Type: emission nebula - open cluster
Constellation: Vulpecula
Distance: 6 kly
Right Ascension: 19h 42m 28.0s
Declination: +23° 05´ 15"
Visual Magnitude:    7.1 -
Apparent Dimension: 7.0´ Dia. - 0.5 Dia.
Best Month To View: Jul

NGC 6820 is an emission nebula that surrounds open cluster NGC 6823 in Vulpecula. The most striking feature is the trunk-like pillar of dust and gas protruding from the east side of the nebula towards the open cluster, NGC 6823 in the west. The center of the open cluster is about two million years old and is predominantly represented by many young, bright blue stars. Outer parts of the cluster intimately involving pillars of emission nebula NGC 6820, contain even younger stars. The huge pillars of gas and dust are probably formed when surrounding gas and dust is pushed and eroded away by radiation from nearby stars. Remarkable dark globules of gas and dust are also visible in the nebula.