NGC 908

Alt. Designations: NGC 908
Object Type: barred spiral galaxy
Constellation: Cetus
Distance: 59.98 mly
Right Ascension: 02h 23m 04.6s
Declination: -21° 14´ 00"
Visual Magnitude: 10.2
Apparent Dimension: 6.1´ X 2.7´
Best Month To View: Nov

NGC 908, located 65 million light-years towards the constellation of Cetus. This spiral galaxy, is a so-called starburst galaxy, that is, a galaxy undergoing a phase where it spawns stars at a frantic rate. Clusters of young and massive stars can be seen in the spiral arms. Two supernovae, the explosions of massive stars, have been recorded in the near past: one in 1994 and another in May of 2011. The galaxy, which is about 75 000 light-years long, also clearly presents uneven and thick spiral arms, the one on the left appearing to go upwards, forming a kind of ribbon. These properties indicate that NGC 908 most probably suffered a close encounter with another galaxy, even though none is visible at present.