Alt. Designations: NGC 6254
Object Type: Globular  Cluster
Constellation: Ophiuchus
Distance: 14.3 kly
Right Ascension: 16h 57m 08.9s
Declination: -04° 05´ 56"
Visual Magnitude: 6.6
Apparent Dimension: 20.0´ Dia.
Best Month To View: Jun

Globular cluster M10 lies in the constellation of Ophiuchus. This is a very bright cluster with a central region that appears slightly pear-shaped. It is about 70 light-years in diameter and lies about 16,000 light-years from Earth. With a visual magnitude of 6.6 and an apparent diameter of 15 arc minutes, this is one of the best clusters to be viewed with both binoculars and small telescopes.