Alt. Designations: NGC 5457, ARP 26
Object Type: Spiral Galaxy
Constellation: Ursa Major
Distance: 27 mly
Right Ascension: 14h 03m 12.4s
Declination: +54° 20´ 58"
Visual Magnitude: 7.7
Apparent Dimension: 28.8´ x 26.9´
Best Month To View: Mar

The constellation of Ursa Major is the site of a spiral galaxy known as M101. This a nearly face-on spiral with a bright center and symmetric shape. It is located about 27 million light-years from Earth. With an estimated linear diameter of over 170,000 light-years, this is one of the largest disk galaxies known. M101 is a bright object with a magnitude of 7.7. It is easily visible in binoculars and small telescopes, but an instrument larger than 4-inches is required to see any evidence of the galaxy's faint spiral arms.