Alt. Designations: NGC 3992
Object Type: Barred Spiral Galaxy
Constellation: Ursa Major
Distance: 55 mly
Right Ascension: 11h 57m 35.4s
Declination: +53° 22´ 25"
Visual Magnitude: 9.8
Apparent Dimension: 7.5´ x 4.4´
Best Month To View: Mar

The constellation Ursa Major is the site of a spiral galaxy called M109. It is classified as a barred spiral. The elongated shape of its central core can be seen even in small instruments. This galaxy is located about 55 million light-years from Earth and is believed to be receding from us at a whopping 1142 km/sec. It was the site of a supernova in 1956 that reached a magnitude of 12.8. M109 is easily visible in small instruments where its bright central region appears pear-shaped. Larger instruments will reveal more detail.