Alt. Designations: IC 4715
Object Type: Star Cloud
Constellation: Sagittarius
Distance: 10 kly
Right Ascension: 18h 18m 24.0s
Declination: -18° 25´ 00"
Visual Magnitude: 11
Apparent Dimension: 90.0' Dia.
Best Month To View: Jun

Located in Sagittarius, M24 is not really a true deep sky object. It is actually a cloudy patch of stars in the Milky Way. The area is framed by dark patches of dust, which gives it the impression of being a separate object. M24 has a total visual magnitude of 4.6, which makes it easily visible to the unaided eye. A good telescope will reveal a small galactic cluster known as NGC 6603 hiding in the center of M24.