Alt. Designations: NGC 2437
Object Type: Open Cluster
Constellation: Puppis
Distance: 5.4 kly
Right Ascension: 07h 41m 46.8s
Declination: -14° 48´ 36"
Visual Magnitude: 6.1
Apparent Dimension: 20.0´ Dia.
Best Month To View: Jan

Located in the constellation Puppis, M46 is an open cluster of about 500 stars. About 150 of these have a magnitude of between 10 and 13. This cluster is believed to be around 300 million years old. It is 30 light-years across and is located approximately 5,400 light-years from the Earth. A large telescope will reveal a small planetary nebula within the cluster. This nebula is not a member of M46 but is actually located between the cluster and us. This object is easily visible in a pair of binoculars with good observing conditions.