Alt. Designations: NGC 3351
Object Type: Barred Spiral Galaxy
Constellation: Leo
Distance: 38 mly
Right Ascension: 10h 43m 57.8s
Declination: +11° 42´ 12"
Visual Magnitude: 9.7
Apparent Dimension: 7.4´ x 5.0´
Best Month To View: Feb

Leo is also the constellation in which the spiral galaxy, M95, can be found. It is a member of a small group of galaxies known as the M96 group. This is a barred spiral galaxy with a visual magnitude of 9.7. It is located about 38 million light-years from Earth. Visually, it shows a definite bar-shaped center with nearly circular spiral arms. Because of this, it has also been referred to as a ringed galaxy. This is not a very bright object, and may be a difficult target for binoculars. Telescopes will provide the best viewing.